Demark Manigo Hits Trifecta in Award Honors

NYPS member Demark Manigo swept three awards for the month of February, the first time in history this has happened.

Demark was named:

  • State Leader of the Month
  • Youth/Young Adult Leader of the Month
  • Member of the Month

Demark took over as State Leader for the states of Georgia and Alabama in February, the largest group of young people under one person at NYPS. In his first full month he personally secured local representation for Alabama through relationship building. Members of his state are also the most involved.

When Demark discovered under representation in a national report on schools for LGBT youth, instead of ignoring it, he reached out to fellow state leaders to begin a discussion on what could be done.

Demark has attended 13 consecutive board or leadership meetings in a row over the course of almost two years – all while working on several projects outside of NYPS.

As a member, he has set the example of what it means to be “in good standing” and proves you are never too busy for things you truly care about.

Demark has already qualified to run for national youth president of NYPS be meeting the 6 consecutive months of being in good standing requirement. The first to qualify so far.

2017 is an election year for NYPS.

Demark is also host of The Morning Tea Show airing on the NYPS Network every morning at 10am central/11 eastern.


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