Work In Silence, You Shouldn’t Have Anything To Prove (Part 3, C.S.I.)

People who do alot of talking about how you are chasing your dreams have time to do all that talking for a reason. When you work in silence you erase 80% of the noise.

You shouldn’t have anything to prove to anyone, but yourself.

Ever work so hard you don’t even realize you haven’t been on social media in a while?

In this series we looked at how you can gain peace by focusing on C.S.I. Thats character, strength and integrity. You actually need all three in life.

My number one motto in life is that winners are those who help others win. But don;t be fooled, everyone you come across isn’t a winner. You need to surround yourself with people who have accomplished something – especially someone who has already accomplish what you are trying to accomplish. They have no problem helping you get to the next level faster. They will take joy in the fact that they have helped someone success as opposed to seeing you as competition.

Once a person sees you as competition, they have no choice but to try and tear you down.

Look for true passion in people. People who don’t have to be reminded what they signed up for or agreed to. People who keep their word – who call you before or at the deadline – not those who simply hope you have forgotten.

You have absolutely nothing to prove to anyone. Let your success do all the talking for you.


Every Monday a new part to this awesome Life Development Series.

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