#1: Be Impeccable With Your Word

Your word is the greatest currency you have in this world. Spend it wisely.

When people think of the 4 Elements, fire, water, air, earth, they think of the four things that are essential for life. In this series we will take a look at the four things that are essential for you to find your own path in life – a path that works for you and does not require you to be like anyone else.

4 Elements

Let’s go!

Do you agree to do things and rarely follow through? Do you join causes, movements or organizations and complain about them more than you contribute to the success of them? Basically, do you keep your word? You must speak with integrity.  If people can’t count on you, you probably will not be able to count on them when you really need them. There is nothing wrong with explaining to someone why you were not able to do something – before they ask you about it. Hoping they forget that you agreed to do something shows lack of character. That can hurt you more then you not doing what you said you would do. Remember, they can always find someone to do what you didn’t do!

When you lie, you have to remember that lie for a long time. One slip up and your credibility is shot. People tend to only disrespect those they do not respect to begin with. Say only what you mean.

Gossip is purely a form of jealously – although many people will tell you it’s not. The truth is, if you’re busy with yourself and your path, you don’t really have time to look at or worry about anyone else. Winners are those who help others win. Gossiping is basically taking the pleasure in someone else’s misfortune. This goes for yourself as well. Don’t tell others about your personal business. Don’t Facebook your problems, face them. Basically, do not use your words to talk bad about yourself or others.

When you use your words to share the truth and love towards yourself and others, your word becomes impeccable. Spotless. Powerful. It’s the difference between being like everyone else around you (average) and being unique – someone everyone wants to work with (awesome).

Here are 5 Reasons To Do What You Say You Will Do



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