#SkinnyBoyMagic ^ Part 1 ^ Ryan Smith, Houston, TX

#SkinnyBoyMagic is a weekly series/campaign created by NYPS member Ryan Smith that features pictures and statements from our members across the globe



“You are so skinny.” A few words, I have always dreaded to hear. In my case, they are very true words; I am a very skinny boy. Hearing my now, 9 year old nephew, tell me “calling some one skinny is not a bad thing, like calling me ugly,” I realize people honestly do not believe it’s possible to “skinny shame.” Truth is, I have always been ashamed of my size. I have never felt proportionate. Hearing phrases such as, “you look sick” and “I like guys with a lil meat on their bones,” took shots at my self esteem. To be honest, I still feel overlooked or underestimated based of my size.

My thoughts are if I get a tad bigger, the world would take me more serious; people would stop underestimating how big of a person I truly am.

Being skinny shamed has affected me beyond my self esteem. It seems small, (pun intended) but it has a big effect. Just like fat shaming, skinny shaming causes self-consciousness. I watch the clothes and shoes I buy and wear; I also avoid getting undressed around most people. I watch how I eat in public. All because of those simple words “you’re so skinny.” As I grow into embracing myself, I realize there isn’t anything wrong with being skinny. Yes, I am still working to go up a few sizes, but I will be just FINE if I never gain another pound. So to all my skinny guys out there, THIS is for US! Let the world know how you honestly feel about your size. Embrace yourself, withca skinny cute self! #SkinnyBoyMagic

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