NYPS Responds To Attack: There Is STILL Work To Be Done

From the Desk of NYPS National Vice President Dannie Stewart:

Greetings NYPS,

On March 21 one of our active alumni members was brutally attacked and injured for living out loud. While this is a frightening occurrence, we would like to take this time to encourage you all and remind you that we STILL have strides to make to reach our goal of equality and the acceptance of TRANS lives, as well as all other queer lives. This attack on one of our members serves as a reminder that we still live in a hostile environment that, at times, can be opposed to us living our truth. However, that should not stop any of us from rejoicing and serenading in the bliss of our truth, no matter what that truth is.

With the constant scandals seen in the media, the various happenings in the world abroad, and even the goings on in our respective local areas, it is easy to be washed away in a myriad of emotional events. Add on the stressors of our personal lives and our plates are more than we may feel we are able to handle. It can be easy to lose sight of, and even temporarily forget, the vision and aims of our movement as we tackle our day to day lives. Yet, in the wake of this attack, we find ourselves painfully reminded that there is yet work to be done. This horrific event should serve as a reminding jolt that each of us is needed to reach our goals, as team work makes the dream work.

NYPS is taking this tragedy and turning it into a moment to empower, encourage and motivate our membership as we continue to challenge archaic ideologies and a discriminatory legal system all while living in a hostile society that can still manifest intolerance in various ways. We want our membership to know that each of you are fearfully and wonderfully made with great potential. NYPS is made of a dynamic membership that makes an impact on numerous lives each day. As we pause to remember the countless lives that have impacted by gay bashing’s, NYPS implores each of you to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. Let us honor the memories of our fallen brothers and sisters by forging onward to actualize a world of love and acceptance for all. Never forget that YOUR LIFE MATTERS.

To get involved with this movement, contact our Life Development Team at youthpridecenter@gmail.com


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