Where Does It End? When Does It Stop?


On March 21 yet another one of my trans-people was viciously attacked. And the question that always remain after these events happen, is simply why? Why attack someone for simply wanting to live their life their way? Where does it end? And when does it stop? I’m deeply saddened to have to continue to read about attacks and murders of trans-people. The reason why these issues hits home for me is because I identify as a trans-woman. When hearing things like this its makes me consider my very own safety. It allows my mind to wonder and thoughts to form and create questions like, is the next time my time? Will I survive to tell my story or will I be just another number and senseless death?


As of today I stand with my trans-brother and trans-sisters and I join the movement. I’m proud to be a member of NYPS, who has given me a platform to bring awareness to trans-issues, time to evaluate the problems, a support team that can help try to find a solution and deploy a plan. I honestly believe we don’t’ need another conference. We have done enough talking about what’s wrong. I personally feel we’ve become too caught up on words and we are leaving our trans-people vulnerable and open for attacks. It’s time to say “enough is enough” let’s bring an end to trans-violence.


So much is happening in the world and trans related issues are going unnoticed. Attacks like the  one on my fellow NYPS alumni and countless other trans-people has to be brought to the light. Say their names, post their pictures and tell their stories! One can do it, but together we are stronger! Together we can move mountains! This is not just about the trans-community! This is about the whole LGBT community in its entirety. This is about another HUMAN being!  I call upon every same gender loving person to stand with your trans-friends. Whom a lot of you call brother, sister and mother. Protect those who aren’t capable of protecting themselves. Stop allowing them to travel alone from work and school at times and places where attacks could happen. This is just a start, but there is so much more we can do that can ensure that not only trans-people are safe, but we all are safe as a community.


Lets not forget what happen on March 21. Lets not forget any of the other dates either! Lets come together and make sure the next time won’t be a next time. But in order to be successful, I believe we all will have to work to get as one. UNITY is the key. Not just unity in the LGBT but the heterosexual community as well. For it is they who must understand trans are people too.


-Simone Brooks

NYPS Life Development Team


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