In response to the Hate Crime of my Family

Crushed, bruised,

Stained, drained
Broken, betrayed
Fragments of a feeling
That words can barely scrape its surface
To be hurt for who you are
Is like yelling at the sun for shining
Hate is a chorus heard far too much in this song of life
Sadly it has been the horrible hymn that one of my siblings had to endure
It’s outrageous
At this point in life, seeing that progress is mistaken for recession
My blood was hurt by people to ignorant to address differences intellectually
My flesh was pierced because people see differences as a threat to their own existence…
It truly breaks my heart
To see the tears of my siblings all over this world,
Tarnished of their innocence and pride by others hate….
This has to end
This hate campaign has run its course….
It must stop today! 
Someone so bright and driven,
Has to heal their wounds because those attacking never address their wounds within…
Never looked in a mirror and loved themselves, so they go on a rampage of hate towards the innocent….
It’s a disjustice to what we voted and marched, and fought for  over the years.
Being a survivor of hate myself,
Only 7 years ago.
I never thought that we would seem to have moved mountains over these 7 years, just to be unveiled the truth that we have barely crossed a mustard seed in length when it comes to progress.
This must not be the norm for my brothers and sisters and everything in between.
This has to end
This cannot be our narrative any longer.
From this step on…
Our direction will be together
Fighting for peace
And True Equality amongst our own as a planet…
It starts today
And hate ends today
We are fighting for our lives like never before
And we will no longer have casualties of war
But captives of enlightenment…
Ignorance is no longer a default…
Dejon “Daví” Akei Smith

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