Chris June Joins National Youth Pride Services Board of Directors

National Youth Pride Services is excited to announce that Chris Williams, known professionally as Chris June, has been elected to the Board of Directors of National Youth Pride Services.

Chris June is a young entertainer with a resume that includes some of social media’s most talked-about shows. With an equally appealing stage presence to match, this DC area native is definitely a star on the rise and someone who is going to make waves this summer all over your social timelines.


2018 NYPS Cruise
Chris will also be attending our Labor Day Cruise.

Chris June was born Chris Williams and raised in Largo, MD to a single mother. The arts embraced Chris from a young age, indulging him in creative outlets frequently. Theatre, drawing, and even designing clothes in high school were just some of his endeavors. However, it wasn’t until drama class that he’d find belongingness in his ability to embody characters. After a few years, he’d cleaned up his gift and go on to Salisbury University where he’d obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. His understanding of human behavior is apparent throughout his roles.


Chris got his start singing and performing throughout the DC area in 2015 and 2016 as part of a music revue headed by choreographer Jeremy A. Mcshan. Currently, Chris June is playing Armani a lead role in signal 23 TV’s About Him The Revolution and accomplished 2 seasons of Tyson Anthony’s Raising Eli as Eli with a 3rd season in the works. He is also in production for a thriller series by Lee Hayes titled “The BAIT Files” as he leads as a crazed killer.. This fall, you can watch June as continues his presence in new media, appearing in Bawn TV’s “Blackville” a groundbreaking new drama, with a myriad of other projects in the works.


Chris is expected to oversee the Events and Community Relations team for NYPS.

NYPS is a creative, urban, intellectual and socially forward movement for Black LGBTQ youth and young adults in the U.S. and South Africa.



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