#Metamorphosis Part 1: Coming Out

In this series we look at how you go through different things in life but come out on the other side stronger, wiser and better!
The first part of #Metamorphosis deals with “COMING OUT”. As we know, coming out can be a profoundly drastic change in a person’s life.
I am writing about coming out and what it means to me. When I look back and think on it, I don’t think I have ever actually had a COMING OUT. Not because I am ashamed or afraid of who I am as a person but because of my environment. I have one of the best moms on the planet. My siblings are extremely progressive and open-minded. I have always surrounded myself with great positive people, so COMING OUT was never a requirement for me. People are aware of my sexual orientation, but I have never had it as hard as some other people when it comes to revealing who they are to family members and friends. With that, my life has been forever changed, never knowing the hardship of what it is to come out of the closest.
I know that is not the case for everyone though. SO, how about you share your coming out story if you’re comfortable with doing so ☺ in the comment section, together we can help others see that coming out can also make you stronger once you get through it.

Here is a episode from NYPS Network on coming out.

Written by Anthony Walker (GA)

Edited by Frank Walker (IL)



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