Bring The Rain…


Bring the Rain…

Throughout one’s life they’re often told to be weary through the rain. The rain is perceived to be the negative obstacles occurring in ones life. Although most want shelter from it, I embrace it.

Through the storm the plant grows

Through the sea life roams

Through the water life is given

Through the rain the blessings are hidden

The molecule H2O is one thing we need to grow.

Often burned and consumed by the sun

Rain gives light to those that are shunned

The very ran you pray to past

Will be what makes you built to last

So don’t pray the rain away

Instead embrace it in every way

The only thing strong enough to stop a fire

Yet bring new life in a darkness of night

The only thing powerful enough to ruin a house

Yes build new life the inside to out.

The one thing that dehydrates dry plants

Yet removes the mud needed to nourish.

Embrace the rain for it’s the hidden magic to remove pain.

-Joshua Caudle

Let it Rain


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