Final Membership Drive of 2018! Join or Renew Today!

It’s that time of year again. The final opportunity to join or renew your membership with National Youth Pride Services before the awesome holiday season.

In 2018, NYPS:

  • Went to the Bahamas as well as other Caribbean Islands during our inaugural cruise (with the 2019 cruise headed to Jamaica, Mexico and Haiti – registration open now!)
  • Attended the Gentleman’s Ball in Atlanta
  • Hosted the Young Leaders Society Retreat in Chicago, bringing LGBTQ teens to the city for an all expenses paid movement building session.
  • Created the VIP Member experience, allowing our most active members to earn monthly rewards from smart watches to clothing.
  • Welcomed support from alumni such as “The Vixen” from season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race who helped us raise a few thousand dollars.
  • Expanded our international membership from Africa to all other areas

There is truly no experience like the NYPS experience. From award winning members and alumni, amazing trips around the world and the ability to participate in a creative, urban, intellectual and socially forward movement, there is no reason Not to join!

Requirements include:

  1. Having a social media account
  2. Surrounding yourself with people who actually support you
  3. Being a honest person with good character

To join or renew your membership, start here.


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