NYPS is a urban, creative, intellectual, socially forward movement for youth and young adults.

The mission is  to empower black LGBTQ young adults through leadership development, networking and collaborative events, in order to better improve their quality of life.

NYPS is a volunteer run, membership based movement. We focus on grassroots marketing and fundraising techniques to not only promote the quality of life of our members, but the quality of life of the community as a whole.

Founded in Chicago, IL in 2003, it currently has members across the U.S., Canada and select countries in Africa.

Board Members:

Frank Walker (IL), Maggie DeAnda (IL), Parris Washington (IL), Liz Grossman (IL), , Evany Turk (TX), , James DeLoach (IL),  Marvin Thompson (IL), Martez Tabor (IL) and Marion Trice (IL)

Staff Members:

Community Engagement/Events & Travel:

Travel Director: NYPS now uses CRC Travel

Young Adult Leader: Jayson Douglas (OH),Roderick Crawford (GA)

Life Development: 

Coordinator: (The Life Development Board Committee oversees this department)

Young Adult Leader: Anthony Walker (FL), Women: Ciyadh Wells

Quality of Life Program: Aaron Kimble, Christopher Smith (consultant)

The Quality of Life team consists of a Homeless Youth/Housing Advocate, Employment Specialist and Health Services Specialist.

RizeUp  Magazine:

Editor In Chief: Frank Walker

Young Adult Leader: open

NYPS International:

Young Adult Leader: Emmanuel Rajah Chinyerere (Cape Town)


Young Adult Leader: Brendan Clark (IL), Germaine Barnes (MD)


Young Adult Leader: Brandon Maybank (SC), Devin Coutreyer (PA)


The following properties are separate from NYPS and have their own staffs, policies and procedures:

NYPS Network

Executive Producer: Martez Tabor (IL)

The NYPS Network works with copy and video editors and other broadcasting personnel.

LYRK Music Streaming Platform

2018 Media Guide